Flash Cards 5 Pack - Colors

$50 USD $60 USD

This is a pack of 5 of our Color Flash Cards (Buy 5 for the price of 4). 

Each set contains 24 color cards and will teach your child the 6 primary and secondary colors, plus pink!

Color is how we organize and categorize much of the world around us. As children learn their colors they will be cultivating a rich descriptive vocabulary to understand and describe their thinking and the world. 

A playful way to build a child's sense of color is by playing a variety of card games, such as memory, scavenger hunts, and snap. This set of color cards provides endless playful learning opportunities. 

Each card measures 2.5" x 3.5" and is printed on 130lb card stock. Cards are UV coated (for sticky hands) with rounded edges and will be packaged in a linen drawstring bag.

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